While much of our community is at home, Evergreen Treatment Services is providing essential services on the front lines, serving thousands of our region’s most vulnerable people every day.  


Right now, ETS and the entire public health system needs your support. We are a key partner in the emergency response to COVID-19 in western Washington. The daily challenges of opioid addiction and homelessness only get tougher during a crisis like this. Our doctors, nurses, counselors, case managers, and outreach team are tirelessly supporting people in recovery and keeping everyone as safe as possible.


Our leadership has assessed what changes and new initiatives we need to keep our clients and staff safe from COVID-19 as we provide daily essential treatment services and outreach. At a minimum, these changes will cost an unanticipated $180,000.


Uncertainty is everywhere right now, and we know it’s hard to decide how to make the most meaningful impact. ETS has been serving our community for 47 years and we will continue to provide critical services long after this crisis. We need your help to cover these unexpected costs. A generous donor has already donated $5,000 to seed our COVID-19 Emergency Fund and we hope you will join them by giving what you are able.




ETS’ Board of Directors and leadership team would like to acknowledge our front line staff who show up every day to ensure the people we serve receive medication and support during this difficult time. Staff has adapted to a tremendous amount of change in a short time, as we’ve revamped operations and infrastructure in our clinics and at REACH to promote social distancing and to ensure the health and safety of both clients and staff. Staff and their families have put their fears aside to provide life-saving services to over 6,000 people each day.


Thanks to our amazing team, the people we serve are not being left to weather this storm on their own. We will continue to show up for them long after we get to the other side of this crisis. Together, we will get through this.


On behalf of our patients, clients, and staff, thank you.



In our clinics, we have made dramatic changes to operations to reduce patient visits and promote social distancing as much as possible. We are now providing take-home medication, offering telehealth and telephone check-ins, and utilizing “open-air” spaces for symptomatic patients. Our innovative plan was adopted as the federally approved guidelines for all Opioid Treatment Programs in the state and has been used to inform federal guidelines for the entire nation!



As the virus moves through our communities, it is highlighting where the system is failing for people living outside. REACH’s role has been critical in showing up for clients as the system supports close their doors. REACH staff is creating new pathways for clients to find shelter and housing. In addition, REACH has become a crucial piece of the emergency response network for the homeless community, doing outreach to encampments, helping people prioritize hygiene and maintain social distancing practices. We are working with our government partners at the state and local levels to offer rapid testing to our clients and routing people to isolation and quarantine COVID recovery locations as needed.