Do you have electronics, paper goods, or other items that you don’t use?

We may be able to make use of them! Check out the wishlist items below to find out where our needs match your generosity.


ETS wishlist items

Functional laptops, post 2013

General office supplies/stationary i.e. staplers, post-its, pens, etc.

General maintenance tools for facility- i.e. hammers, screwdrivers, other various generic tools.

Sealed and unopened bulk coffee for ETS staff (we go through A LOT)

Sealed and unopened bulk condoms for distribution to our satellite locations (Hoquiam, Olympia and Renton)


Public safety staff uniforms/outdoor wear

Kleenex, in bulk preferred, any kind, unopened

Unopened and sealed hand sanitizer

Floor lamps

Sealed, unopened interior paint to be used for facility improvements, any color; minimum 10 gallons


We ask that all items be functional, clean and in working order.