Philadelphia, a city stalked by overdoses, fights back

Safe injection sites violate U.S. Federal Law yet can save tens of thousands of lives across the United States. In the wake of the largest drug epidemic in U.S. history – far surpassing the AIDS epidemic –  the U.S. must turn to innovative and radical ideas to halt this deadly epidemic. Safe injection sites attract the most marginalized populations of those who inject drugs, promote safe conditions for injecting, and open doors for those who are ready to seek healthcare – both mental and physical. These people already exist in our communities and these sites help them find the support they need to get into recovery. Cities like Vancouver and Sydney have already approved safe injection sites. The data surrounding these sites prove that there is no enhanced drug use or drug trafficking. So why are U.S. cities having such a hard time legalizing sites to help stifle the opioid epidemic? Stigma surrounding safe injection sites and public misconception are holding back lawmakers from approving said sites. This NYT article shows how Philadelphia is surpassing the bureaucracy and providing the needed help to substance users.

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