Medication-assisted treatment is effective,
BUT it isn’t easy. We can provide many resources to help you in your recovery but, ultimately, your path will be up to you. Check out the following information to learn more.

are you in jail?

Call your ETS clinic and inform the dispensary that you are in jail. If the jail has a dosing policy, we will contact arrange for your medication to be provided. Jail dosing can require 24-48 hours to start so be sure to call us right away.

Are you in the hospital?

Please have your nurse call the dispensary immediately to verify your medication dose and to coordinate your care — including your ongoing medication. We will need a copy of the hospital discharge summary before we can resume your medication dispensing after you’ve been released.

Have you been recently discharged from A jail or hospital?

If you have been in contact with our dispensary, make sure you have your jail or hospital discharge paperwork. Hospital discharges should be coordinated by your hospital provider/social worker. We must have confirmation of your discharge status and your last dose with either the hospital or jail before we can resume dosing at ETS.


Your new patient orientation must be completed within your first four weeks of treatment. Failure to complete this may lead to a meeting with the treatment team and/or a medication taper so don’t miss this!

Please look for signs at your clinic about the next orientation group. If you are unsure, ask your counselor or the reception staff.


Through treatment, people are able to take charge of their drug use and transform their lives.

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Below are some resources that provide additional information.