Through treatment, people are able to take charge of their drug use and transform their lives.

Substance use disorders take a devastating toll on communities in Washington State and beyond; they rob people of their health and potential, tear families apart, drive up crime, and suck resources from the economy.

Through Evergreen Treatment Services’ innovative services, including stabilizing medications like methadone or buprenorphine and counseling, patients’ lives can improve dramatically in a matter of months. They take better care of themselves, rebuild relationships with family, stop illegal activities that supported their habit, and return to work.

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Lena's Story

Treatment is much more effective when patients have a safe place to call home.

Kevin's Story

Flex Care at ETS allows patients in rural regions access treatment.

Brandon's Story

"I thought I was going to be a heroin addict for the rest of my life.” With help from ETS, Brandon worked hard to move from living on the streets to a degree in molecular biology.

Joseph's Story

“Joseph went from living in a large home with his family, to living in his car, and then a tent. Now, after five years of treatment and connection to services, he’s back in an apartment and looking forward to paying forward the life-changing help that he received.”

Karen's Story

One morning while doing outreach in downtown Seattle, one of our REACH care managers, Garrett, met a woman who was packing up a bedroll into her Harley Davidson three-wheeled motorcycle. Together, they were able to call and schedule an intake appointment with Evergreen Treatment Services’ Opioid Treatment Program. This was the beginning of many steps Karen took over the next year to improve her health and get permanent housing.

Cody's Story

When Becky, a REACH care manager, met Cody*, he was living in a trailer in South King County. He hadn’t been able to see a doctor or a counselor, refill his medication, or connect with social services. Cody’s life now is much more stable and enjoyable.

Charmaine's Story

Throughout her journey through recovery, Charmaine has become an advocate for those who continue to struggle with addiction. Charmaine began working 10- to 12-hour days as an organizer/staff member for Nickelsville, a 501c3 Non-profit organization who organizes, advocates for more affordable housing, and manages four city-sanctioned tiny house and tent encampments.

Stolch's Story

To support his addiction, Stolch did a lot of things he isn’t proud of, including stealing money from his family. Eventually his mother caught on and gave him an ultimatum – quit or move out. Stolch is proud to say that he has quit using all substances since day one of treatment.

Carol's Story

"My kids were everything to me … but when the addiction hit, none of that mattered anymore.” Watch how Carol gets her life and family back with help from treatment at ETS.

Jerry and John's Stories

REACH case managers are steadfast in their support of clients. They meet them where they are, and forge partnerships with the community to achieve the best possible outcomes. Jerry and John’s story is one example of this persistence.